Fire protection


In the surface finishing of products, in various industrial applications, we very often come across painting systems where there is a high probability of fire or explosion. Our company, RSBP, has developed the dedicated FIREPRO system for protection of paint booths. It provides a full range of all services and products associated with the protection of paint booths, from production and delivery to complete installation and servicing, and in this way it minimises fire risk, which can cause extensive damage to equipment and fatalities.

Fire protection of machine tools

Recognising the specific problems associated with machining cooling oil mist, the fumes of flammable liquids or flammable waste generated by machining itself may bring, RSBP offers high-quality, effective fire protection for machining technology. The FIREPRO automatic fire suppression system by RSBP is intended for CNC machines such as coordinate grinding machines, mills, spark discharge machines etc.


In many industries, we encounter machines which use flammable substances in their operation. Generally, it is not possible to rule out ignition – therefore there is a possibility or probability of fire. The FIREPRO automatic fire suppression system by RSBP is a possible solution for the protection of special applications such as exhaust systems, mixers, driers, mills or grinders.

Fire protection of electrical switchboards, data and communication centres

The modern era places ever increasing demands on the use of electrical equipment. Whether it involves communication and data centres or just electricity distribution systems, in all cases there is a fire risk. The RSBP company offers efficient fire protection solutions for information and communication centers, electric distribution centers, transformer stations etc.

Spark extinguishing system

To minimize the risk of fire and protect technological equipment, personnel, and to lower possible outages due to fire, RSBP offers a tested spark extinguishing system as prevention against fire.

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