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FIREPRO - Spark extinguishing system

During some specific industrial processes, sparks and embers can be generated. These can be transported via airflow in the pipes or by conveyor belts. The problem starts when this particle reaches the filtration unit, cyclone, or silo. The transported material can start smouldering, which can lead to a fire or a destructive explosion. In order to minimize the risk of fire – to protect equipment and people and to reduce any downtime resulting from a fire, RSBP offers a solution with their spark extinguishing system.


The basis of the spark extinguishing system consists of highly sensitive detectors reacting in a few milliseconds to the presence of sparks in conveyor systems. If a spark or a fire appears, the control unit immediately receives an impulse from the detector, and the control unit activates the quick-opening valve releasing pressurized water. The extinguishing nozzle in the conveyor system creates a conical water mist, and the undesirable sparks or burning particles are extinguished. After the system effectively eliminates the danger, the system automatically switches to the standby position.

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Spark extinguishing system RSBP


  • high effectiveness and fast reaction time of system
  • possible installation on short pipes
  • flexible and modular system
  • easy installation of the system
  • the design of the nozzles prevents clogging
  • self-check of the functionality of the detectors
  • automatic restoration into operation after eliminating a fire
  • suitable for outdoor applications

Sparks and burning particles AS A RESULT OF

  • friction
  • static charges
  • addition of foreign particles
  • spontaneous combustion

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