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About us

Dear Business Partners,

Rational industrial protection systems - this is what RSBP stands for. At the same time, it is also the main idea that gave rise to this company in 1992. The vision has become a reality, and I can say with confidence that today the RSBP is the market leader in the explosion and fire protection of industrial plants. I believe that employees are the core of any company anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to protect them and create such secure conditions for them that they can do their work properly and without worries. At RSBP, we also think about the industrial operations themselves and we ensure that there is no irreversible damage caused to property.

My goal is to ensure that our clients always have a sophisticated solution that protects their industrial technology. I notice a similar motivation and ambition in my colleagues, the desire to continually learn not only in the field of explosion and fire protection but also the technological processes of the industrial plants themselves. I believe that what we consider to be essential requirements for operational safety will soon become a widely used standard applied worldwide. Advanced engineering, a progressive team of people, and a wide range of high-tech products are what make RSBP the number one choice for our customers.

We limit risk.

Assoc. Prof. Petr Štroch, Ph.D.
CEO of RSBP spol. s r.o.




At RSBP, we are devoted to fire and explosion protection since 1992. RSBP is one of the international leaders in terms of range and quality of the product and service. As for the central European market in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, we are the pioneers. Our main benefit is our strategic location, top experts, and the fact that we have everything under one roof, from development, production, service to professional training. That is why we can meet high demands on quality and speed and co-determine global trends.


We will help you with complicated administration, technical tasks, and any necessary details on the way to securing your production.

  • risk analysis
  • expert proposal and opinion in the field of explosion protection
  • delivery of the necessary material
  • installation and operation of equipment
  • staff training


We perform engineering and documents following the directive ATEX 153. We actively communicate with the customer and put all the necessary details in an expert opinion.

  • type and number of protective elements
  • specification of safety regulations
  • description of the technological process
  • design of safety zones
  • required measures for electricity and electrostatics


Our projects meet all the necessary standards, regulations, decrees, and directives, applicable worldwide. At RSBP we take into account the current state of technology and design an efficient, affordable, and simultaneously smart solution. The RSBP company follows quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and has ATEX certification according to Directive 2014/34/EU.

Minimize the risk of irreversible damage and loss as a result of a fire or dust explosion and seek advice from experts who can assess all risks arising from the operation of your industrial facilities based on experience and many successfully finished projects.

Explosion and fire protection from the very beginning

We recommend solving fire and explosion protection at the early stage of the project (project documentation), which will allow you to achieve the best possible security without technological restrictions.

Entrust protection of your company to experts

Improperly designed fire and explosion protection elements can increase the existing risk of explosion. Do not put yourself unnecessarily at risk and work only with qualified specialists. Contact us.

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As part of our activities, we also participate in research and development in the field of fire and explosion protection and prevention. Accurately performed research and development brings the necessary knowledge for the development of new products, rationalization, and improvement of the parameters of existing ones in the field of quality, characteristics, and functions. The stimulus for the implementation of research and development is the ever-increasing emphasis on ensuring the safety of technological operations not only in terms of fire and explosion protection but also in terms of protection of lives, health, and property. This phenomenon can be seen in the requirements of customers and our partners, as well as legislative and normative regulations, which are fully complied with.

Due to the implementation of our research and development into the production process, we can offer products that exceed the quality of products of competing companies. Our devices meet the demanding requirements not only of our customers and partners but also the strict criteria set by the legislation of the EU, the USA, and Russia, thus bringing variability in the protection of technological compounds.


  • we test fire-technical characteristics of dust
  • we design fire and explosion protection with unique software
  • we organize professional training, workshops, and seminars
  • we lecture at conferences and universities
  • we model technological devices in 3D
  • we prepare documentation on explosion protection
  • we make real explosions of your dust samples
  • we are participating in the European security cluster project
  • we work closely with technical universities
  • we participate in the development of new safety standards
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Explosion demonstration RSBP
Research RSBP

We received a grant from the European Regional Development Fund in 2016, 2018, and 2019.

Project: Increasing the international competitiveness of RSBP

Project: Increasing the international expansion and export acitivites

Project: Equipment for testing center RSBP

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