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Fire protection

The presence of combustible substances, gases, or vapors is generally dangerous in all industrial plants. Damage caused by a subsequent fire or explosion can be irreversible. Although you do not usually eliminate the risk of fire, with suitable fire protection, tragic consequences can be prevented.

The FIREPRO system monitors working areas and protected zones. If detectors identify an emerging fire, the system can activate extinguishing in milliseconds and, if necessary, shut down the operation. FIREPRO prevents the occurrence of a fire in its infancy, minimizes damage to property and technology, production delays, and prevents injuries or death of employees.

RSBP provides everything from custom made production, delivery to complete installation, and servicing.

Fire protection RSBP


The ignition can occur wherever a flammable substance, gas, or vapor collides with an oxidizing agent, such as oxygen, and an initiating source, such as a spark. The necessary conditions are shown in the fire triangle.


In most industrial plants, there is some kind of flammable substance that is usually processed, used, or released in industrial production. In combination with an initiation source and an oxidizing agent, there is a risk of ignition, fire, and explosion. Risk sectors include, in particular, the energy, agricultural and food, chemical, woodworking and paper industries. There is also a risk of fires in machine tools and in the application of powder coatings in painting booths.

Fire triangle RSBP


  • Painting booths - Workspaces with highly flammable painting materials are particularly risky areas.
  • CNC machines - There is a risk of ignition of cooling oil mists, flammable vapors, or combustible waste inside the machining areas of CNC machines.
  • Mechanical equipment - Technological units such as extraction systems, mixing machines, dryers, mills, or crushers that process, use, or release a flammable substance are endangered.
  • Coal conveyors - The risk exists for all traffic routes (e.g. coaling bridges or conveyor belts) that transport loose flammable material.
  • Filtration units - The interiors of the filters are endangered, mostly in areas where flammable substances, gas, or vapors may enter and cumulate.
  • Spark extinguishing system - During some technological processes, sparks and hot particles are generated. Such a particle can reach other parts of the technology via pipes or conveyors and cause a fire. The system is focused on the removal of this initiation source. When a spark or fire is detected, the system activates the fire extinguishing system in milliseconds and extinguishes the fire source.

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