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To minimize the risks associated with an explosion or fire, we provide a complete range of services as part of our activities. In addition to comprehensive explosion and fire protection from design to maintenance of our equipment, we offer risk analysis, documentation on explosion protection, and also professional seminars on various topics in the areas of explosion and fire protection.

At RSBP, we care about maintaining good relationships with our customers. We are interested if everything works well in your operation after the installation of our protection elements.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time with a question or request for an inspection.

In addition to all the services, you can visit us at expos around the world, participate in our educational seminars, or just come and visit our showroom.

Customer services RSBP


Where are we likely to come across the explosion risk?

As the primary causes of explosion risk in industrial plants (procedures and technologies), we can recognize the materials and substances that occur during the production process. Under certain defined conditions, the vast majority of organic substances in the form of dust are likely to create a hazardous explosive atmosphere. To illustrate the fact better, in the text below, we list the representatives of type technologies where it is necessary to analyze and deal with the issue of explosion risk.

Typical technologies with the potential risk of occurrence of an explosive atmosphere

  • pneumatic conveying systems of bulk solids (pneumatic conveying pathways)
  • mechanical conveying systems of bulk solids (bucket, redler, screw conveyors...)
  • surface treatment processes (polishing, blasting, coating…)
  • dust aspiration systems (cyclone separators, filtration units, industrial vacuum-cleaners for solids...)
  • systems for storage and dosage of bulk solids (silos, dispensers, scales, mixers…)
  • systems for mechanical separation of materials (mills, crushers, sorters…)
  • and others, where the explosive dust cloud in mixture with air (oxidizing agent) may occur
Dust explosion RSBP

Ensuring explosion safety is an inherent part of Work and Health Safety Systems at workplaces. Directive 1999/92/EC of the European Parliament and the Council (also known as ATEX 153) sets out minimum requirements in the field of explosion safety.

According to this Directive, employers shall process and maintain the “explosion protection document - EPD“. The principal parts of the EPD are the risk analysis of explosion, classification of the equipment or technology in zones with respect to explosion risk, specification of requirements for the installation of explosion protection systems in such arrangement as follows from the conclusions of the performed risk analysis.

The knowledge and awareness of fire and combustion characteristics of materials that occur in the analyzed process are the key factors for every procedure of explosion risk analysis. In the framework of complex services for our clients, we are capable of determining a wide range of the risk properties in our accredited testing laboratory, the list below to be an example:

  • minimum ignition temperature of a dust layer / MIT dl (EN ISO IEC 80079-20-2)
  • minimum ignition temperature of dust clouds / MIT dc (EN ISO IEC 80079-20-2)
  • minimum ignition energy / MIE (EN 13821)
  • lower explosion limit / LEL (EN 14034-3)
  • Explosion severity test (EN 14034-1, EN 14034-2):
    • maximum explosion pressure / pmax
    • maximum rate of explosion pressure rise / (dp/dt)max
    • KSt (determination of explosion class St1-3)

You already know that in RSBP, we work closely with our customers from order to design, delivery of material, installation to commissioning of equipment, and operator training. Cooperation with us does not end there. A fully qualified service department is available on the phone 24/7 for your needs and is ready to help with your current request at any time.

Whether it is a regular maintenance inspection or acute intervention in case of system activation in the event of an explosion or fire. Service technicians can respond to your requirements within 24 hours.

We maintain all equipment installed by our company, whether you use the equipment for venting, suppression or explosion isolation, fire protection of painting booths, and others. Find the complete portfolio in the explosion and fire protection sections.

Our technicians are, among other things, trained in OSH when working at heights and have a health certificate necessary in food industries. Contact our service department and work only with top experts in the field. We are here for your smooth operation!


  • regular maintenance according to the legislation
  • repairs of installed protective elements
  • supply of spare parts
  • complete new installations of explosion and fire protection in case of expansion in production


  • contact from your or our side - we monitor regular maintenance dates for you
  • price offer and its mutual agreement
  • arranging a date for the maintenance with the service manager
  • contact by a trained technician who will perform the servicing
  • the maintenance itself and the system reboot
  • functionality check
  • handover of work, protocol, and invoicing


  • control panel and its individual states, including testing
  • the detection system, including connectors
  • fire extinguisher cylinders, nozzles, and seals
  • explosion venting panels and indicators
  • pressure fittings, manometers, and valves
  • B-FLAP I - explosion isolation flap valve and its cleaning and inspection
  • FLEX - steel mesh replacement or venting panel replacement

Do you need maintenance? Fill the form below, we will contact you!

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In process industries, we often encounter productions with high risk of an explosion occurence. Usually, a small spark in a dusty environment is enough and the consequences can be devastating. Accept the invitation to a professional seminar on the prevention of explosion and fire risks in industrial plants and their protection with our latest technologies. Professional lectures are always supplemented by practical demonstrations of the explosion and another accompanying program. Below, please fill in the registration form as a binding application, where you can choose the most suitable date and the topic of the seminar for you.

Organizational instructions for the eucational seminar can be found here:


Registration form

Dates for seminars and trainings on explosion protection will be released later.