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FIREPRO - Fire protection of mechanical equipment

In the process industry, we often come across many machines that work with flammable substances. The risk of fire cannot be ruled out in any of these technologies. The FIREPRO automatic fire extinguishing system is a suitable solution for the protection of technological units, such as mixing machines, dryers, mills, or crushers.

The FIREPRO system for fire protection of machinery complies with standard EN ISO 19353.

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Mechanical equipment RSBP



The fire protection system FIREPRO provided by RSBP creates an effective tool for extinguishing machinery, thus minimizing the possibility of injury and damages caused by fire. The system function is based on continuous monitoring of the protected area with sensitive detectors that capture specific fire parameters. In the event of a fire, the detector sends a signal to the control panel, which immediately starts extinguishing. The extinguishing agent is distributed evenly to the protected area with the help of special nozzles. The function of the system creates a very effective way of extinguishing a fire in machinery.


  • fast reaction time of the system
  • detectors self-monitoring against pollution automatically
  • high extinguishing efficiency and cooling effect of the extinguishing agent
  • specially developed nozzles for different types of extinguishing agent


  • friction and heat, spontaneous combustion
  • heat as a result of machine overload
  • the intrusion of the initiation source
  • wiring fault

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