Customer services

RSBP spol. s r. o. designs and completely addresses operational safety and safety of individual technologies from the point of view of fire and explosion prevention.

Services include risk analysis, engineering, and creation of documentation according to the valid legislation, namely 99/92/EC – ATEX 137.


  • Creation of fire-technical and explosion characteristics of substances (PTCH)
  • Measurements of dust, gas, and vapor concentrations
  • Creation of protocol proposals and determination of outside influences
  • Measurements of initiation sources
  • Determination of risk sources and investigation of practical reasons for explosions
  • Creation of Protection against explosion documentation including its updates
  • Discussion of Protection against explosion documentation with statutory bodies
  • Qualified expert written reports concerning explosions of flammable dusts
  • Checking and delineation of zones in project documentation for current production lines
  • Instructions and seminars concerning EX environment for government administration and operators
  • Project proposals for protection of technological equipment against explosions
  • Software simulations of pressure resistance of current technologies
  • Practical measurements of pressure resistance of industrial equipment (filters, silos…)
  • Complete proposals of organizational and technical measures to lower or minimize risks of explosion danger
  • Manufacture, installation, and service activities in the area of fire and explosion protection

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