Explosion protection

HRD system – system for explosion suppression

HRD system is a well-tried system for explosion suppression. It detects the initial phase of explosion and then suppresses explosions of flammable dusts in industrial technologies. Thanks to its perfect function it eliminates technological damages, but primarily protects human health.


Explosion relief panels are protection devices intended for protection of industrial equipment with explosion danger. RSBP equipment for explosion relief is a perfect solution to lower this risk and eliminate losses that follow such explosions.

FLEX flameless explosion venting

The FLEX flameless device to relieve explosion is a suitable solution for installation on technological equipment inside buildings or production halls.

Back pressure flap B-FLAP I

B-FLAP I is a mechanical device designed to prevent propagation of flame and pressure between pieces of technology equipment during explosion. B-FLAP I is, together with other safety measures, a part of a system that protects technologies intended for operation in an explosion danger environment.

HRD Barrier

HRD barriers are characterized by extremely fast discharge of an extinguishing agent into pipes connecting pieces of technological equipment. During explosion pressure propagates through pipes first followed by a flame front. Both of these quantity can be detected by special detectors – both optical and pressure ones that were developed for the purpose.

Quick-Acting Slide Valve GatEx

Quick-acting slide valve GatEx is used for complete closure of a pipe in the case of explosion, and therefore it is suitable for protection of production technologies with danger of dust explosion.


An anti-explosion diverter is a part of normal pipeline during normal operation – flow of material reverts in the anti-explosion diverter and continues on. However, in emergency it acts as a safety element, it takes an explosion that propagates along the pipe and directs it into a safety zone.

ELEVEX – Explosion protection of bucket elevators

ELEVEX is the effective solution of bulk material vertical transport explosion protection. Use of compact, sophisticated, highly effective and tested ELEVEX system is safe and effective way to protect your bucket elevator against explosion effects.

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