Fire protection of machine tools

Recognising the specific problems associated with machining cooling oil mist, the fumes of flammable liquids or flammable waste generated by machining itself may bring, RSBP offers high-quality, effective fire protection for machining technology.

The FIREPRO automatic fire suppression system by RSBP is intended for CNC machines such as coordinate grinding machines, mills, spark discharge machines etc.


  • Flexibility of system components
  • Interface with the control system of protected machinery
  • Modular systems
  • Operator warning via optical-acoustic alarm at control console

Risks – places of risk:

  • Area of machining
  • Area for input and output of machined workpieces
  • Area leading to exhaust system
  • Area above the bath of a spark discharge machine


When machining workpieces, modern machine tools are often cooled by flammable oils. These oils can generate an oil mist in the working environment. If an ignition source, is present an ignition and subsequent fire will occur. Ignition can arise from the actual machining of the workpieces, and will readily ignite, oil mist or flammable waste.

In the case of spark discharge machines there is also this risk presented by the fumes of flammable liquids.

Function of the system

The working area of the machine tool is constantly monitored by flame detectors. If there is a fire, the control unit sets off an alarm, it automatically switches off the relevant machinery and opens a fire extinguishing battery. The system activates the fire suppression within a few milliseconds, the fire suppression occurs directly within the working area of the machine tool.

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