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Interview at Powtech World Magazine

Our CTO, Tomáš Wyka, was approached by Powtech World Magazine to discuss safety standards and explosion protection guidelines. The main question was: "Is it enough?" And what are the risks and what should companies pay extra attention to when obtaining appropriate explosion protection? You will also learn what to look out for when testing the fire-technical characteristics of flammable substances.

In the interview, Tomáš Wyka also mentioned the amendment of the current legislation on flameless explosion relief devices and their possible replacement according to EN 14797. The full interview can be found on the website of Powtech World Magazine in English, we bring you a short sample here:

There are many safety standards, rules, regulations, and directives that apply both in the EU and worldwide. In your opinion, is the legislation clear enough for explosion venting protection?

Many standards need to change and improve. An example is the flameless explosion venting device specified in the European standard EN 16009, which specifies requirements for the construction, testing, verification, and use of these devices. On the market, we can also spot equipment that appears to be a flameless venting device but is certified, for example, according to EN 14797. You have to realize that if we are talking about a device for flameless explosion venting, we can't confuse it with equipment certified according to EN 14797, whose purpose is for ordinary explosion relief. It does not work as a device that reduces a flame or temperature. Venting devices certified this way are unreliable and cannot provide the required safety. Therefore, the EN 16009 standard must abide by proper testing and the following use.

In what way do you think the standards specifying flameless devices should be improved?

At RSBP, we have been conducting our research in this area for a long time. We have a team of people who specialize exclusively in this issue. We have carried out hundreds of explosion tests with a wide range of types of combustible dust that we can encounter in the industry. We have verified the results of our research in several worldwide independent testing laboratories. Through this intensive research, we have concluded that standard EN 16009 is, according to us benevolent, I dare say that there is a lack of a precise testing methodology and absence of clearly defined rules for application.