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New B-Flap I
Effective method how to secure your industry
Reduzieren Sie das Risiko irreversibler Schäden.


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Power plant explosion protection

Energy is an integral part of modern civilization. Thermal power stations are still one of the essential and, at the same time, the most stable sources of electricity, not only for industry but also for households.

Introducing B-Flap I

Explosion isolation is an essential part of explosion protection design that protects your industry from the devastating consequences of an explosion. Its primary purpose is to prevent the transmission of a pressure wave and to stop the flame front between interconnected technologies, thus preventing possible secondary explosions and minimizing damage to the technology.

Explosion isolation

Dust. Particles whose size varies in units of micrometers. Dust clouds or settled combustible dust in combination with the initiation source and oxygen create a life-threatening situation. The explosion can permanently damage production lines or even other parts of the factory. 

Cyclone - filter protection

Dust collectors are a part of many industrial processes. Their main purpose is to either recover granular solid or powder from process streams or remove granular solid pollutants from exhaust gases before releasing them into the atmosphere.

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