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We limit risk for 30 years
Уменьшите риск необратимых ущербов.


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Powder&Bulk magazine

This time we focused on the principles and advantages of explosion isolation. As a supplement type of protection to explosion venting and explosion suppression. Read about the benefits below.

Powtech 2022

RSBP cordially invite you to international show Powtech for powder & bulk technologies (27. - 29. 09. 2022). We are excited to introduce you our latest development of our products. Meet us at our stand 309 in hall 4. BE OUR GUEST and ARRANGE A MEETING.

The RSBP is proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary

We have been taking care of the safety of your operations for thirty years. During these three decades, we have made the small Ostrava company one of the leaders in explosion protection. People from all over the world contact us, and we are happy to offer them our expertise and provide them with quality products to ensure the safety of their workplaces.

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