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PF 2024

We wish you a happy holiday season. Enjoy your time with family and friends, watch your favorite movies and tv shows, eat good food, have fun in the snow or on the beach, and have plenty of laughs and a good time.


RSBP cordially invites you to the SOLIDS fair, held in June 14-15, 2023 in Parma, Italy. Let‘s meet at stand B-22. Let's discuss explosion protection of combustible dust and areas with highest risk of combustible dust explosions.

Vractech 2022 Le Mans (6.-8.12.2022)

RSBP cordially invites you to the VRACTECH Fair, held on December 6-8, 2022 in Le Mans, France. We will meet at stand HC-B13. Let's discuss explosion protection of combustible dust and areas with highest risk of combustible dust explosions.

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We are very pleased to announce the news to you. Today, RSBP is launching a brand new website with a new, more user-friendly design.

Malt house explosion protection

Malt houses are an integral part of the food industry. This following case study will show you all risk areas, including the selection of the most suitable explosion protection designed by RSBP.

The RSBP is proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary

We have been taking care of the safety of your operations for thirty years. During these three decades, we have made the small Ostrava company one of the leaders in explosion protection. People from all over the world contact us, and we are happy to offer them our expertise and provide them with quality products to ensure the safety of their workplaces.

Introducing B-Flap I: Same but better

Explosion isolation is an essential part of explosion protection design that protects your industry from the devastating consequences of an explosion. Its primary purpose is to prevent the transmission of a pressure wave and to stop the flame front between interconnected technologies, thus preventing possible secondary explosions and minimizing damage to the technology.

Explosion isolation: Effective method how to protect your technology

Dust. Particles whose size varies in units of micrometers. Dust clouds or settled combustible dust in combination with the initiation source and oxygen create a life-threatening situation. The explosion can permanently damage production lines or even other parts of the factory. 

Interview at Powtech World Magazine

We would not miss the opportunity to inform you that we have joined POWTECH World Magazine and successfully participated in their project, which replaced this year's Powtech Nuremberg trade fair.