Fire protection of electrical switchboards, data and communication centres

The modern era places ever increasing demands on the use of electrical equipment. Whether it involves communication and data centres or just electricity distribution systems, in all cases there is a fire risk. For these applications, gas extinguishers are far more suitable than water based ones. If water is used for extinguishing there could be greater damage than the fire itself would cause (both to property and human life as a result of electric shock etc.).


  • Minimal damage to protected equipment due to the activation of extinguishing
  • Early warning of fire at its very beginning
  • Operator-free system – automatic
  • Minimal demands for maintenance
  • Modular system


Currently almost all activities of companies are controlled automatically by computers. Fire protection of data and the associated information and communication system is, therefore, one of most important areas for a business to protect from catastrophic fire. Even one small fire in an information center can have disastrous consequences for a company often the largest damage does not lie in destruction of equipment, but in the loss of the stored data. Such a loss of data can  lead to extreme business disruption and delay in the resumption of normal business operations.


The RSBP spol. s r. o. company offers efficient fire protection solutions for information and communication centers, electric distribution centers, transformer stations and the like.. In case smoke or fire is detected in a room where information equipment is placed, an automatic extinguishing system is activated. The space is filled by a special extinguishing agent that very quickly puts out the fire, but does not damage protected equipment. RSBP extinguishing systems offer a wide range of fire protection levels from protection of single distribution boxes and servers to protection systems for whole rooms.


Gas extinguishing equipment is used for extinguishing fires in closed and partially open areas. They work mainly on the principle of reducing the oxygen level in the protected spaces. Sensitive detectors analyse the protected space and communicate with the control system. Then, through a prompt reaction to a fire in its infancy, it activates the discharge of the quenching gas and informs the operator of the danger that has arisen.

The fire suppression system is fully automatic with the possibility of manual activation.


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