RSBP spol. s r.o. maintains a quality policy that fully identifies with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9000, under the principles of continuous improvement and effective management of all processes affecting the quality of services and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of quality management.

The aim of our company is to create and maintain a good reputation in terms of quality, prices, and deadlines, which ensures our stable position on the Czech market and creates good conditions for the provision of our services to foreign markets. We focus our relationships with customers on obtaining information about their needs, and we consider only those services to be of high quality that meet all specified requirements and the estimated needs of our customers, thereby allowing us to improve on customer satisfaction.

Ensuring the high quality of our services is the primary responsibility of all the employees of our company. A continuously positive attitude towards quality, a quick response to new requirements to enhance the quality level, and the elimination of identified deficiencies are continuously drilled into all employees. Company management provides effective assistance to all its employees in education and training in order to ensure the implementation of the quality policy and employee satisfaction.



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